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Presenting healing music that “breathes deeply and attracts wishes”


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"Change your life with sound ♪ Make your dreams come true ♪" Message from MIRA

Raise the vibration of love to the highest level.healing music

A YouTube channel that delivers healing music.
Please spend a healing time.

We will inform you of the latest information such as seminar information and concerts on the official Facebook page.

It is a sales site for healing music CDs that raises the vibration of love and gratitude.


Concert at Ryutanji Temple

  On July XNUMXrd (Saturday), a concert was held at Ryutanji, an ancient temple in Hamamatsu.Ryutan-ji Temple is a splendid temple with a large and historic garden in Hamamatsu.With crystal...

"Self-care meditation of the mind" online school

  When you attend the "Save the Mind! Self-Care Meditation of the Mind" online school.With sound and healing, you can feel the changes in your mind and body. 1. Promote sleep improvement ...

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